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Tag Heuer Celebrates 2023 With A Limited Edition Carrera

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Tag Heuer Celebrates 2023 With A Limited Edition Carrera


Tag ushers in the coming year with a rabbit carrera

As the year of the tiger slowly creeps to an end, Swiss luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer is celebrating the new year with a limited edition Carrera Chronograph Year of the Rabbit.Carrera

That is a mouthful, so for the sake of simplicity, we will be calling this masterpiece of horology the Rabbit Carrera moving forward. Naturally, with this being a Tag Heuer, the chronograph will be limited to only 500 pieces so if you happen to be born in the year of the rabbit and want one, you better hop to it (see what we did there).

Moreover, the Rabbit Carrera is a beautiful black, red and golden coloured timepiece and it is refined yet sporty in appearance. Infused with delicate symbols of the cute animal it is based on, this Tag Heuer chronograph leaves no room for confusion as to which animal it is based on.Rabbit

As some of you may know, the rabbit in the Zodiac system represents wits, prudence and skill. All positive attributes that will resonate on a deep level with only the most discerning clientele. In many ways, the Rabbit Carrera is meant to mirror its wearer as a display of cunning and guile that you just can’t teach.

Furthermore, the use of the color red in the Rabbit Chronograph was no coincidence either. The colour red represents luck, joy, passion and boldness and has represented these attributes since the days of ancient China. The colour red is subtly present here and there on the watch and it elevates the look of the timepiece so well.Rabbit

Red is also a colour typically linked to the element of fire and is also the colour of choice used on the most revered spaces and possessions so it is meant to be worn proudly. This makes the Rabbit Carrera the ideal watch to wear when you feel as powerful as a raging fire and want the world to know it.

Additionally, the Rabbit Carrera is based on the 44mm Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph and this limited edition model features a steel case, deep black ceramic fixed bezel, a tachymeter scale to highlight the racing origins of the watch and a custom designed dial. All this adds to the beauty of the timepiece.Rabbit

More information can be found on the Official Tag Heuer Website.


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