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Awaken Your Inner Goddess With The Versace Greca Goddess Line  

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Awaken Your Inner Goddess With The Versace Greca Goddess Line  


Versace spoils us too much and this line of bags and accessories is no exceptionVersace

Versace has always been a brand that didn’t bother silencing their voice, they’re loud, they’re in your face and they have never been shy about it, this is achieved while still somehow having sophisticated and eye catching designs so clearly Versace knows how to give us what we want, and they’re doing it again now.

Enter the Versace Greca Goddess collection, a new line of bags and accessories meant to empower and bring out the inner goddess in you. No more silencing your voice, it’s time to embrace the fire within, time to show the world that you are indeed a goddess.

As a brand that took styling cues from mythology and incorporated it with luxury since the very beginning, Versace is going all out with this new fierce collection. Not to mention, each of these products will be finished with the brand’s Greca insignia, a sort of Medusa head signifier that has long been a symbol of the Versace brand.

I think this is a rather fitting touch as Medusa was so mesmerizing that her gaze would petrify any man who dared to look her in the eyes. I can imagine the confidence and unbridled ferocity this insignia could inspire just by looking at it as it gives me goosebumps when I stare at a picture of it for too long.Versace

Donatella Versace, sister of Gianni Versace, the founder of the brand said. “Greek Goddesses have always been part of Versace DNA and the Greca Goddess captures their clash of cultures and emotion.”

“Classical with a subversive rebellion, the cold metal Greca dressed in warm gold. These juxtapositions create something new. When I touch the strong, cold metal of the Greca it makes me feel my strength and confidence.” She added.

The Greca Goddess bags and accessories have a sculptural feel featuring precise angles and soft curves that are soothing to the eye and they are all finished in sleek leather that give an overall feeling of richness. They can be further elevated with small chain wallets, clutch bags and the like all with a golden Greca in the centre.Versace

Feeling empowered enough to let your inner goddess shine through? Then show the world the fire within and get your own Greca Goddess bag from versace.com now.


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