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Mortlach Unveils Midnight Malt, Its Boldest And Most Intriguing Whisky Expression

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Mortlach Unveils Midnight Malt, Its Boldest And Most Intriguing Whisky Expression

Mortlach Midnight Malt

The latest entry in the world of rare single malts comes at the creative hands of Mortlach.

From Diageo Rare & Exceptional, Mortlach Midnight Malt is an extremely bold 30-year-old expression. A result of a three-cask finish, the single malt presents unexpected layers of richness and intensity. It is an invitation to explore Speyside’s darker side.

Mortlach has been considered a closely guarded secret of the whisky world. The distillery’s main claim to fame, is as the home of the most fiendishly complex distillation regime in Scotland, where since 1896, stock is precisely 2.81 times distilled, in a method simply called ‘The Way’. This mysterious method is made even more unique by the whimsical hum that reverberates from the copper stills.

This unique method of distillation is what guards creates the bold flavour, that is without big smoke, setting it apart from other the more sweet and mellow style of Speyside whiskies. Mortlach is simply known as “The Beast of Dufftown,” with Mortlach Single Malt Scotch whiskies recognised and loved for being refined, complex and elegant.

Mortlach Midnight Malt is yet another example off the ingenuity of the distillery .The rare expression starts off being matured in a combination of refill American oak and European oak casks. It is then split to finish in Bordeaux wine, Calvados and Guatemalan rum casks, before being finally married in custom quarter casks. Bottled at 49.1% ABV, this expression is said to taste best in the later hours of the night.

Mortlach Midnight Malt 30YO

Mortlach Midnight Malt offers an appearance of muted amber and excellent beading. On the nose, it presents mellow notes with a slight initial prickle. Upon settling in, it reveals a savoury and faintly herbal top note, suggesting pork crackling sprinkled with dry sage.

A sip reveals a richly winey, apple fruity and mouth-watering start to delight the palate. Then it expands to offer a long spicy intensity with a delicious black pepper note that persists. Its finish is long, sweet, and deep-flavoured, with a light peppery spiciness. With water, still sweet and softer, with the spicy heat joined by a suggestion of mint chocolate in the lingering aftertaste.

Uncover Mortlach’s new creation here.

(Images: Diageo)


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