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Go Bold With The Gentle Monster Collection

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Go Bold With The Gentle Monster Collection


Show off how bold you are with this collection

Gentle Monster is a South Korean sunglasses and optical glasses brand founded in 2011. Since then, the brand has quickly shown the world that with hard work and a top tier work ethic, the sky’s the limit. The brand’s products are also highly sought after and its new collection, Bold is no different.Bold

Bold, the newest collection from Gentle Monster, is the first in a new collection. Each new model will feature a new theme that is centered around daring attempts with variations of the Bold line hitting the market from 2023. This is seriously impressive from a brand with only 41 directly operated stores across the globe.

The first collection from the line is titled ‘Galaxy of 9 Evenings’. It arrives emblazoned with stars and celestial bodies, epitomizing the intrepid and dauntless spirit of the South Korean brand.Bold

This campaign illustrates the serendipitous, transcendent phenomenon and that is, the birth of a galaxy in the realm of Gentle Monster.

Furthermore, the theme of Bold by Gentle Monster was inspired by the remarkable attempts made in the 1966 art project ‘9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering.’Bold

The art project itself is mesmerizing and captivated many with its uniqueness and that is reflected in the collection as well as all the glasses are unique from each other.

Additionally, the original art project blurred the line between art and science. These elements are also shared by Gentle Monster as the brand’s products are all made with cutting edge technology unlike anything else on the market today. This combination draws the eyes of everyone in the area to your eyewear.Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster also showcases its own striking, bold brand identity and limitless multidisciplinary artistry through its newest collection. We reckon anyone who sees these glasses can agree that they represent the larger than life personality of the brand itself perfectly.Gentle Monster

Looking for a bold statement to show the world how bold but gentle you are? Look no further than the Official Gentle Monster Website.


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