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Zenith Unveils The Chronomaster Sport Aaron Rodgers Edition

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Zenith Unveils The Chronomaster Sport Aaron Rodgers Edition

Aaron Rodgers

The new Chronomaster Sport is designed for fans of American Football

In line with Zenith’s “Time to Reach Your Star” philosophy, legendary quarterback Aaron Rodgers proudly became a brand ambassador in 2021. Today, Zenith and Aaron Rodgers celebrate a new milestone with the launch of the Chronomaster Sport Aaron Rodgers edition- the first timepiece he has designed, limited to 250 pieces.Aaron Rodgers

Values Aligned

A living legend on the field, Zenith ambassador and 4-time MVP,  Rodgers has come a long way in reaching his star. His passion, perseverance, and discipline have made him one of the greatest athletes to ever play the game. His commitment to excellence and precision, and unique understanding of what a difference a single instant can make, has made him the perfect ambassador for Zenith.

Moreover, every meticulous detail of this chronograph resonates with the profound connection that Rodgers shares with timekeeping and precision. The intricate design, the exquisite craftsmanship, and the carefully selected materials all bear witness to the profound journey that Rodgers undertook in designing this timepiece.Aaron Rodgers

Unique Design

Using the steel Chronomaster Sport as the foundation, Rodgers wanted his limited edition timepiece to heavily feature the colour that has accompanied him throughout his phenomenal career. Exceptionally for this edition, the engraved bezel with a 1/10th of a second scale has been crafted in green ceramic.

The dial is fashioned in the same shade of green as the bezel and, for the first time in the Chronomaster Sport collection, the hour markers featured are applied luminescent Arabic numerals, resembling jersey numbers. The tricolour dial configuration has been reinterpreted in shades of anthracite, light grey and silver.

Sporty And Stylish

On top of that, a three-link steel bracelet with fine-adjustment clasp completes the sporty look and feel without compromising comfort. The latest in a long line of Zenith chronographs that have raised the bars of performance and precision, the Chronomaster Sport is equipped with the newest version of the El Primero caliber.

With its high frequency of 5 Hz (36 ‘000 VpH), the movement offers a true 1/10th of second indication, for those moments when every fraction of a second can make a difference. Its autonomy has also been rendered more efficient, with an extended power reserve of 60 hours.Aaron Rodgers

Visit the Official Zenith Website to find out more.


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