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World Premiere Of All New Toyota Prius In Japan

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World Premiere Of All New Toyota Prius In Japan

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is about to enter it fifth generation

Toyota has unveiled the all new 2023 Toyota Prius globally along with series parallel hybrid (HEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) models to launch next year and this new car is completely redesigned to further reflect the modern style of the 21st century that this car was built for.Toyota Prius

The first generation car launched all the way back in 1997, the Toyota Prius came with the tagline “Just in time for the 21st century” and was the world’s first mass-produced hybrid car. The second generation introduced the distinctive Toyota Prius monoform silhouette and gave us even better fuel efficiency.

This was followed up by the third generation introducing a larger 1.8 litre engine which improved driving performance and fuel efficiency as well while the fourth generation introduced the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform to deliver a more evolved driving experience.

Moreover, while almost every imaginable model of car these days be it a sedan, SUV, minivan or even commercial vehicle comes in a hybrid version, it all started with the humble Toyota Prius. As a result, the total cumulative sales of the Prius is about 5.04 million units globally and accounts for the reduction of about 82 million tons as of March 2022.

This time around, the development team decided that the Toyota Prius needs to renew itself and present a whole new look while still retaining the iconic look that we have all come to know over the years. Hence, the hybrid reborn concept was created. This concept will ensure that the car appeals to a wider audience.hybrid

Furthermore, the entire automotive industry is experiencing a once-in-a-century shift with a whole bunch of next generation powertrain options being made available to us resulting from the new energy vehicle (NEV) boom. To ensure the Toyota Prius could remain competitive in this environment, it needed to look good.

On top of that, the Toyota Prius is also good looking on the inside and is sophisticated with a clean and simple but spacious layout which combines modern technology with a traditional look and feel which makes it fun to drive. The all new hybrid system adds better fuel efficiency which is always a good thing too.hybrid

All that and the comfort one gets from the TNGA platform make for a pleasant and exciting driving experience for everyone. The best part, however, is the updated safety systems as the new Toyota Prius will come equipped with Toyota’s latest iteration of their safety systems for more peace of mind.TNGA

So what do you guys think of the all new 2023 Toyota Prius? I think it finally looks like something anyone can look at and like immediately and I especially like the thin and sharp headlights. In my opinion, whoever designed those headlights deserves a pay raise.


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