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WOAW Gallery Announces New Gallery Space In Singapore

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WOAW Gallery Announces New Gallery Space In Singapore


WOAW promises a new chapter with the same spirit

WOAW Gallery has just announced that it will be opening the brand’s fourth outpost in Singapore on 12 January 2023. This will add to its locations in Hong Kong and Beijing and this new outlet will be located at 4 Ang Siang Hill in Chinatown. This launch will also make the gallery the first and only from the brand in SouthEast Asia.WOAW

In tandem with the grand opening, WOAW Gallery Singapore will be hosting its inaugural exhibition ‘As Friends & Partners’ at the newly minted space between 12 January 2023 and 4 March 2023. The gallery will also be participating in Art SG 2023 from 12 to 15 January 2023 so if you love contemporary art, don’t miss out.

Moreover, this foray into SouthEast Asia marks a new chapter into the region’s art landscape with a series of dynamic events sure to put a smile on any aficionado’s face. What’s more, this new WOAW Gallery which is nestled in Ann Siang Hill will uphold the same energy in the Hong Kong and Beijing locations.WOAW

The WOAW Gallery in Singapore is also deliberately located on a cross-cultural corner of ever-evolving Singapore and will provide a steady stream of international and regional artists who are always pushing the boundaries of artistic excellence. This is what gives the space its character.

On top of that, with this new station, the gallery ushers in a new chapter in the WOAW Gallery’s never-ending pursuit of modern art and its talented makers. The Singapore outlet also positions itself as a dynamic, flexible and multifaceted hub for the artistic ecosystem.

This artistic ecosystem also promises to engage with current and up and coming collectors in the region. The goal of the WOAW Gallery will also assist them to build a world class contemporary art collection that highlights the prowess of Southeast Asian creators as well.WOAW

Furthermore, the latest expansion of WOAW Gallery into Singapore also represents the gallery’s ongoing concerted efforts to introduce new artists from different locations on both a local and regional level and strengthens its connections to the art communities by augmenting its programming across key Asian cities.

WOAW Gallery in Singapore will also be hosting a cocktail reception on 12 January 2023 from 5pm to 8pm in partnership with Junior the Pocket Bar to celebrate the launch of the new gallery in Singapore so be sure to enjoy some amazing drinks while enjoying stunning art.Gallery

Check out the Official WOAW Gallery Website for further details.


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