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When Style Meets Speed, Versace X Need For Speed Unbound

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When Style Meets Speed, Versace X Need For Speed Unbound


Take your in-game style up a notch with Versace

We had games and fashion before, now get ready to level up with Versace and Need for Speed Unbound. That’s right, the unmistakable style of Versace enters the world of video games for the first time through Electronic Arts (EA) Games via an in-game character in the Need for Speed game and an apparel collection in the real world.Versace

This latest game in the long-running racing series will feature the rival character of Medusa, a fiery Italian street racer captivating from behind the wheel and invoking equal parts fear and desire from her opponents which we all know will eventually turn into an unhealthy obsession. Versace will help her look the part in-game.

So now, your character can look stylish while making your opponents eat your smoke, that’s a rare double flex or as us gamers like to say “git gud.” Plus they all complement the theme and overall style of the game very well as all this time we have only seen the same generic styles in Need for Speed games.

Moreover, the real life Versace collection will most likely take some cues from the game design or in-game accessories so you know it is going to look amazing already. What’s more, it will be a cool way to show off a more subtle gamer aesthetic so no one can accuse you of being a nerd.Versace

This Versace partnership will see ten in-game pieces of Versace apparel featured in the game including jackets, sneakers and much more, even additional in-game content that goes beyond just clothing will be available for players to enjoy. The best part is, you can get Need for speed Unbound on2 December 2022 on PS5, X box Series X/S and PC.

Visit the Official Versace Website to find out more.


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