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Whatsapp Debuts New Feature For Businesses To Reach More Customers

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Whatsapp Debuts New Feature For Businesses To Reach More Customers


Its now easier for small businesses to connect with more customers

Whatsapp has now announced a new feature for more than 200 million users of the WhatsApp Business app to create Facebook and Instagram ads that click to WhatsApp without the need a Facebook account. The new feature also affords users new ways to connect with customers more efficiently.

WhatsApp Ads Without Facebook

Starting soon Whatsapp will make it possible for the many small businesses across the world that run their entire operation on WhatsApp to create, purchase and publish a Facebook or Instagram ad directly within the WhatsApp Business app. This will allow small business owners to reach more customers quicker.Whatsapp

Moreover, this also means that you no longer need a Facebook account to do all this. All businesses need to get started is an email address and form of payment. When people click on an ad, it opens a chat on WhatsApp so they can ask questions, browse products and make a purchase.

These ads are one of the most powerful ways to drive potential customers to message them on the brand and this will open new opportunities for WhatsApp-only small businesses that need a simpler way to get started with advertising. Ultimately it is a win-win situation where everybody is happy at the end of the day.

More Customers Less Time

On top of that, once small businesses find new customers, it’s crucial that they have tools to connect with them quickly and easily at scale. Starting soon Whatsapp will begin testing a new feature within the app where small businesses will have the option to send personalized messages to their customers, such as like appointment reminders, birthday greetings or even updates on a holiday sale, in a faster and more efficient way.Whatsapp

Rather than having to manually send the same message to multiple customers, this new feature will give businesses the ability to send personal messages with the customer’s name and customisable call-to-action buttons to specific customer lists such as those with a select label (like “VIP customers” or “new customers”), so you need only schedule the day and time the messages are sent and then see what works.

The company will also be offering this advanced, optional type of message for a fee in the WhatsApp Business app. Small businesses are the heartbeat of local communities and the brand is excited to hear how these new tools help them deepen customer relationships and grow their operations.

More information can be found on the Official Whatsapp Business Website.


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