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Westward Whiskey Expands Portfolio And Gets Elegant New Look 

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Westward Whiskey Expands Portfolio And Gets Elegant New Look 


Celebrate the American Northwest with Westward Whiskey

Westward began in 2004 with a vision: to make a distinctive American Whiskey inspired by the American Northwest. Founder Christian Krogstad had always deeply respected the history and tradition of whiskey-making around the world, but sought to make something entirely new, and thus, Westward Whiskey was born. Westward

There were just 30 craft distilleries in the U.S. at the time. Today, the brand is a proud leader among more than 2,200 producers, led by Thomas Mooney, who joined the company as Founder & CEO in 2011. Now the brand brings some of its iconic flavours to Asia for us to enjoy.

Moreover, Mooney said, “At Westward there are no shortcuts, and therein lies the beauty. We pursue perfection by raising a world-class whiskey through our long, slow, process.” We are thrilled to introduce our new whiskeys and elevated visual identity to discerning whiskey drinkers in Singapore.”

“Our new custom bottle and design expresses the uncompromising spirit of the American Northwest and represents Westward’s meticulous devotion to our process, culture, climate and ingredients.” He added.Westward

Westward Whiskey Original

The first offering from the brand was born from the brand’s love for whiskey and its desire to create something entirely new, this elevated American original demonstrates the brand’s craftsmanship and creativity with a distinct, rich, and brazen Single Malt flavour that is the pinnacle of American Whiskey.

Westward Whiskey Pinot Noir Cask

On top of that, the second offering from the brand is a tribute to Oregon’s legendary Willamette Valley wine country, and this elegant whiskey is influenced by the region’s premier grape varietal: Pinot Noir. While others look within whiskey to innovate, Westward looks beyond it for a twist on tradition to honour the American Northwest.

Westward Whiskey Cask Strength

The third and final offering from Westward is its original single malt, reimagined and offered at cask strength. This whiskey best reflects the skilful finesse of the brand’s talented team of brewers-turned-distillers and the beauty of the bounty of the American Northwest.Westward

Cask Strength accentuates Westward’s rich, locally malted barley, the in-house flavoursome beer, and the newly charred American Oak barrels matured to perfection in Oregon, the ideal environment to create a world-class whiskey.

For more on Westward Whiskey, check out the brand’s Official Website.


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