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Vintage German Pinot Noirs Arrive In Thailand For “Lost Barrels World Tour”

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Vintage German Pinot Noirs Arrive In Thailand For “Lost Barrels World Tour”

Lost Barrels World Tour

The “Lost Barrels World Tour” has exclusive German wines and more

Pioneering German winery, Weingut Meyer-Näkel, will be hosting a one-of-a-kind dinner in Bangkok in collaboration with 2-Michelin Star Restaurant Sühring on 5 December 2023. This international tour showcases the “Lost Barrels” wines, an inspiring and ultra-exclusive set of 9 vintage 2020 Pinot Noirs with only 280 bottles per wine.

German Pinot Noir Pioneers

Spanning across more than 20 hectares of prime vineyards in the Ahr wine region, which is derived from the Celtic word “Aha” meaning water, the Meyer-Näkel family vineyard in Dernau produces straightforward Pinot Noirs that perfectly reflect the unique flavour profile of the Ahr region soils.

Moreover, dating back to 1950, Willibald Näkel, grandfather of the current owners and founding owner of the vineyard, pioneered the dry vinification of red wines and Werner Näkel, father to Dörte and Meike, took the winery’s vision one step further and established a whole new style of Pinot Noir in the Ahr Region.



Disasters And New Beginnings

In 2021, the Ahr wine region was destroyed by the flood of the century. Everything the family had worked for, including their entire 2020 vintage, was swept away by the raging waters while they clung onto a tree for eight excruciating hours, essentially wiping away everything overnight.

However, by a stroke of pure luck, a few days later, the sisters chanced upon a barrel of Meyer-Näkel Pinot Noir. A symbol of hope, trust and courage. In total, nine 2020 vintage barrels, made from grapes grown in the region’s grand and premier crus, were retrieved and comprise the “Lost Barrels” Collection. Truly inspiring.

The Tour Begins

The “Lost Barrells” World Tour will kick off in Berlin, Germany on 18 November 2023, in collaboration with Chef Tim Raue, featured in Netflix’s Chef’s Table, and his 2-Michelin starred Tim Raue Restaurant, which won World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2023.

Part 2

The second leg of the “Lost Barrels” World Tour will be happening on 5 December 2023 at Restaurant Sühring in Bangkok, Thailand. Here, you can look forward to an exceptional night full of inspiration, hope and pure culinary delight and tickets will be available to purchase via registration of interest online.

Get your tickets at the Official Lost Barrels Website.


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