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Ulysse Nardin Presents The Final UFO Editions Collectors Items

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Ulysse Nardin Presents The Final UFO Editions Collectors Items

Ulysse Nardin

Defy convention in every way with these final editions 

Who would dare to put a new spin on a marine chronometer or table clock? And yet, in 2021, to mark its 175th anniversary, Ulysse Nardin reinvented the historical codes with UFOs. Now get ready for the final editions of these magnificent timepieces and collectors items.Ulysse Nardin

This presents a new leap into the future for the nonconformist Manufacture that’s always ahead of its time. Artistic, technical but also playful, UFO, short for Unidentified Floating Object, sways when nudged, before righting itself on its base. This mechanical feat incorporating 675 components boasts a year’s power reserve.

Breaking Convention

Moreover, the weight is exactly 7.2 kg and its distribution, over a height of 263mm with a diameter of 159mm. The half-spherical aluminium base contains a tungsten mass, which allows the UFO to return to an upright position. The amplitude of its movements can reach 120°, an open invitation to play with it.The balance wheel of the UFO calibre with a 49mm rim beats at the low frequency of 0.5 Hz. Thanks to this slow tempo, along with the considerable energy stored by the six extra-large barrels, gives it a power reserve that lasts an entire year. It is then fully wound with 40 turns of a key that is also used to set the time zones of the three trapezoidal dials.

A Spectacular Glass
Plus, with a design inspired by the structure of nautical buoys and crowned by Ulysse Nardin’s emblematic anchor, this movement is covered by a glass dome measuring 25cm in height, 15cm in diameter and 3mm in thickness: dimensions that demand complete mastery as the slightest flaw would compromise the entire piece. Ulysse Nardin is bringing the UFO feat to a close with three final editions in ice blue, green and champagne, exclusively available from its partners Bucherer, Yoshida and The Hour Glass.

Accompanied by a limited-edition certificate and a winding and setting key, each numbered piece is presented in an aged wooden box, an extraordinary technical, artistic and playful watchmaking treasure.Ulysse Nardin

More information can be found on the Official Ulysse Nardin Website.


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