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UBS Sponsors Beijing Music Festival And Presents Community Music Programs

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UBS Sponsors Beijing Music Festival And Presents Community Music Programs


UBS is doing this in celebration of its new long-term partnerships

In celebration of our long-term support for the Beijing Music Festival (BMF), and the Festival’s combined 25th and 26th anniversaries, UBS will present a special series of concerts and community programs to celebrate this enduring partnership. UBS

A Collaboration Worth Celebrating

First, on 26 September 2023 at the Poly Theatre, UBS proudly presents a concert by Laufey, a talented jazz musician of mixed Chinese and Icelandic heritage, who will perform a piece accompanied by the China Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Yukuang Jin.

On 6 October 2023, at the historical venue of the Temple of Heaven Divine Music Administration, UBS will also sponsor the Festival and showcase a music feast with celebrated tenor Warren Mok and pianist Yu Chen. UBS’s support for the Beijing Music Festival aims to promote musical talent in China and enhance cultural connections between musicians from around the world.

Continuing Its Purpose

UBS has a long-standing mission to support public education, community engagement, and enhance cultural connections. In the lead up to this year’s edition, it will once again present a curated series of programs for our staff, community affairs partners, and local residents.UBS

Additionally, UBS will also host a Lunch & Learn event for staff and guest musician Laufey to share and exchange ideas and experiences about promoting music to the community. Next up, in collaboration with the BMF, UBS Optimus Foundation’s grantee – Beijing New Sunshine Charity Foundation, UBS will arrange a series of community programs for children with health conditions.

Music For The Soul

This series includes a special percussion music class brought by representatives from UBS and BMF for hospitalized children, followed by a backstage tour at the Poly Theatre for children who have completed or recovered from cancer treatment to enjoy the rehearsal of BMF 2023.

Music has been, is and will always be a large pillar in local communities everywhere across the globe. This remains true as no matter what language you may speak, music is a universal language all of us can appreciate.UBS

Visit the Official UBS Website for further information.


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