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TUMI Expands McLaren Partnership With New Collection

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TUMI Expands McLaren Partnership With New Collection


Time to add some high-performance luggage to your ensemble

TUMI has been a partner of McLaren for a while now and they have given us some beautiful high performance collaboration collections thus far. Now the two are about to take their collection up a notch with a collection that reflects their shared values of luxury and high performance design with the “Built For The Journey” Collection.

This new collection from TUMI features five separate exclusive bags. These are the McLaren Axle Slim Brief bag, the McLaren Velocity Carbon Backpack, the McLaren Aero International Carbon Expandable Carry-on bag, the McLaren Carbon Torque Sling bag and the McLaren Carbon Quantum Duffel bag.

All of the aforementioned TUMI bags, except for the Axle slim brief, are made from TUMI’s exclusive and innovative CX6 carbon fiber material which is known for its exceptional strength. Aside from the strength, the carbon also enhances the look and silhouette of these bags which elevates their modern appeal.

This collection should come as no surprise considering that TUMI is the official luggage partner of McLaren and the world renowned McLaren race team, McLaren Racing and the McLaren Automotive luxury supercar company. Plus the collection was shot with McLaren Formula 1 Driver, Lando Norris.

Like previous collaborations, this collection from TUMI and McLaren are known for their ultra-durable material, supercar inspired features and of course, the unmistakable, iconic McLaren aesthetic. That is why this collection is the perfect fit for anyone who drives a McLaren for any occasion.TUMI

Additionally, McLaren and TUMI have shot a campaign film for the collection on YouTube which we find simply amazing and you can watch it here. This short film, also starring Lando Norris, is the final installment in a series that tells the stories of four prolific sports and entertainment professionals dubbed the TUMI crew.

Lando’s story, particularly, was captured outside of London and it perfectly encapsulates the essence of this new collection. That is to say that the collection was built on innovation, technology and stunning design, all of which are represented in the short film and in the collection as well.

This new TUMI collection is always up to the challenge and there is a design for every occasion and every person. These bags also make a good companion on the track, in the office or even in the air, so be a champion with this collection and rise above the rest.TUMI

Check out the Official TUMI Website to get your bag now.


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