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Transcend Boundaries With Immersio 2023 At Muzium Telekom This December

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Transcend Boundaries With Immersio 2023 At Muzium Telekom This December


Explore past, present and future and end the year with a bang at Immersio 2023 

The Muzium Telekom is set to be transformed into a vibrant realm where arts, culture, heritage and innovation converge with Immersio 2023. The event will once more chronicle yet another exciting chapter of creativity, further highlighting its legacy as the custodian of our nation’s telecommunications evolution.Art

A Big Show

Taking over the expansive canvas of a 27,000 square-foot museum space, the latest Immersio collaborates with more than 20 new media artists and cultural maestros. It creates an immersive labyrinth of digital artworks, interactive installations, tradition-rich theatrical art, and heritage music with a modern twist.

Immersio 2023 is open to the public from 15 December 2023 to 7 January 2024. Entering its fifth edition, the Immersio 2023 is curated by Filamen and energised by Yayasan Telekom Malaysia (Yayasan TM), as the strategic partner through the Digital Technology Incubation Programme.

History And Heritage

Embracing the theme Waris (Inherited), the latest iteration of Immersio delves into the captivating tapestry of Southeast Asian heritage, offering a contemporary perspective on the essence of bygone eras, cultural identities, enduring traditions, shared values and personal stories.

Ignited by the vivid hues of technology and artistic expressions, these inherited narratives will take audiences on a multi-sensory expedition that blends the old and new, allowing them to navigate the continuum between the past, present and the unfolding future.Immersio

Art Expressed

Additionally, the Digital Technology Incubation Programme, initiated by Yayasan TM, is a long-term programme designed to foster the integration of creative expression, artistic practices and technological knowledge to bolster the arts ecosystem.

Gearing to be a nurturing platform for local digital artists, creative practitioners and emerging talents, this programme supports the artistic communities through grants, funds, capacity-building workshops and exhibition space.Immersio

Immersio 2023 is organised and curated by Filamen, powered by Yayasan TM through its Digital Tech Incubator Programme and Telekom Muzium. Made possible by ARTOGO, MyCreative Ventures (MyCV), Epson Malaysia, LYF Chinatown Kuala Lumpur, CloudJoi, TRYKE and RUBIX Communications.Immersio

Get your tickets and further information on the Official Cloudjoi Website.


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