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Tom Ford Beauty Unveils New Research Series Skincare

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Tom Ford Beauty Unveils New Research Series Skincare

Research Series

The Tom Ford Research Series is everything your skin needs and more

Tom Ford Beauty has always been a brand that does its best to look out for your beauty and health so it would only make sense that when it comes to skincare, there would be no better option than its Research Series. With multiple serums, cremes and lotions, it is comprehensive and the perfect all-in-one choice.Research Series

Cleaner Skin, Cleaner Life

The first component in the Tom Ford Beauty Research Series is the cleansing concentrate which has a luxuriously rich texture and gives you the perfect soothing lather which will give your skin a natural glow. It consists of a blend of sodium PCA, glycerin, hyaluronic acid and algae extract.

Serum For Seconds

The next component is the Tom Ford Beauty Research Series Serum Concentrate which is a serum that instantly absorbs into your skin and helps your skin retain moisture. This diminished the lines and wrinkles on your face while retaining the healthy radiance and visible resilience of your skin.Research Series

The Research Series serum is made with ingredients such as white porcelain cacao, caffeine, and gyokuro to help to increase the natural energy of your skin while botanical blends help brighten and visibly even skin tone. Glycolic and lactic acids are also present to refine skin for a smooth appearance.

Room For Creme?

The Tom Ford Beauty Research Series also includes a powerfully hydrating, ultra-rich cream that feels feather-light on skin. It immediately rejuvenates dehydrated skin to give you an energised and refreshed look. The creme also helps to instantly comfort and soothe stressed, fatigued skin.Research Series

Intensity Treatment, Intensive Results

Tom Ford Beauty Research Series’ Intensive Treatment Lotion instantly energizes and helps balance the complexion and visibly minimize pores. This leaves skin looking smoother, youthfully radiant, and prepared for the next steps in your skincare regimen.

More Intense, More Results

Hydrate, brighten, reawaken, this is what the Tom Ford Beauty Research Series Eye Repair Concentrate does. This multi-tasking concentrate effectively refreshes and revitalises the eye area and was specifically designed for the thin, delicate eye area skin. Say goodbye to dark circles.Tom Ford Beauty

Where To Get Them?

While you could get these helpful products in person, the best way to enjoy the Tom Ford Beauty products is to get it online at the Official TANGS Website.


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