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Tod’s and Lamborgini Team Up For A Fashion First

Fashion Style

Tod’s and Lamborgini Team Up For A Fashion First


Tod’s announces its partnership with Lambo for fashion accessories

Tod’s is an Italian company which produces luxury shoes and other leather goods and Automobili Lamborghini, affectionately known as “Lambo.” Both are considered the apex in their respective fields even reaching legendary status and now, these two Italian legends are working together.

Two Italian Legends Shake Hands

Tod’s and Lamborghini have just announced its exclusive partnership to create luxury leather goods, shoes, apparel, and accessories. The two Italian brands’ collaboration celebrates Italian craftsmanship, tradition, as well as technological research and innovation.


What To Expect?

Both Tod’s and Lambo are established leaders in their respective sectors. Naturally, with two titans of their industries coming together, we can expect the results to be exceptional and based on the pictures, the fashion accessories are, indeed, look out of this world.

Superior Italian Quality

Still not sold? Well Stephan Winelmann, Chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini says that both Tod’s and Lambo were founded by a passionate and visionary artisan, with a relentless commitment to research and innovation. Aligned in terms of their companies’ values and motto, this collaboration sports an undisputed Italian touch.

Winelmann added, “Tod’s was founded at the beginning of last century by a passionate and visionary artisan. About 50 years after, Ferruccio Lamborghini made his dream come true and founded a company moved by the same passion and vision, with a relentless commitment to research and innovation. We are proud of this collaboration that sports an undisputed Italian touch.”

Chiming in, Diego della Valle, President and CEO of Tod’s Group, added, Lamborghini represents the highest expression of design and technical integrity in the automotive industry. The attention to detail, the constant research and innovation are key values for both brands, and truly represent Italian style.”


When’s It Coming Out?

More details about the collaborations and its specific products have yet to be revealed but it’s sure to be the epitome of Italian chic. Naturally, we would expect no less from a collaboration between a brand that makes luxury apparel and a brand that makes cars that look so good, they should be illegal.

Visit the Official Tod’s Website to stay up to date on this collaboration and more.


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