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Tiffany Titan By Pharrell Williams Brings Pop Star To Jewellery 

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Tiffany Titan By Pharrell Williams Brings Pop Star To Jewellery 

Pharrell Williams
Cop the pop icon’s style today with the new collection from TIffany & Co. Discover the exciting debut of Pharrell Williams’ visionary collaboration with Tiffany & Co. with the new Tiffany Titan collection. A celebration of energy, power, and individuality inspired by Poseidon’s legendary trident, these bold designs redefine fine jewellery, embodying a fearless spirit that challenges the ordinary. Pharrell Williams Intricate In Every Detail Each piece in the Tiffany Titan by Pharrell Williams collection captures a dialogue between tension, proportion, and balance. The motif, reminiscent of Poseidon’s trident, is juxtaposed with unique curved links that soften its sharpness, appealing to those with a distinctive mindset and powerful presence. Alexandre Arnault, Executive Vice President, Product, Communications and Industrial, Tiffany & Co stated, “We are thrilled to unveil Pharrell’s inaugural collection for Tiffany. The Tiffany Titan by Pharrell Williams collection breaks the rules of fine jewellery design, merging Pharrell’s creative vision with Tiffany & Co.’s innovative craftsmanship.”Pharrell Williams Three-Pointed Excellence Embracing the trident’s structure, the collection features spear-like spikes across necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, exuding a punk spirit. Crafted in 18k yellow gold or titanium with metal and diamond iterations, each piece challenges conventional design methods. On top of that, in a daring departure from tradition, pavé pieces showcase reverse-set diamonds that maximise brilliance by exposing the diamond’s pavilion. The use of titanium creates a striking contrast, enhancing the impact of each design and distinguishing them from conventional jewellery.Jewellery Inspired Words Pharrell shared his inspiration, saying, “I’m deeply inspired by water, and ‘Titan’ draws from Poseidon, King of Atlantis, the name of my hometown community, Virginia Beach. Every detail in these pieces is intentional, from the use of black titanium, a physical embodiment of beauty in blackness.”Pharrell Williams The Tiffany Titan by Pharrell Williams collection will debut exclusively online in the US and at The Landmark in New York City this May, followed by a global release at Tiffany & Co. stores and Tiffany.com in June.

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