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Tiffany & Co. Presents “Out Of The Blue” In Shanghai, China

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Tiffany & Co. Presents “Out Of The Blue” In Shanghai, China

Out Of The Blue

A star studded event to debut this exclusive high jewellery collection

Tiffany & Co. debuted the fall expression of Blue Book 2023 “Out of the Blue” at an exclusive celebration in Shanghai, China. A continuation of Nathalie Verdeille’s first Blue Book collection for the brand, the House’s Chief Artistic Officer of Jewellery and High Jewellery pays homage to Jean Schlumberger’s marine-inspired masterworks and explores his fantastical perspective of the sea.Out Of The Blue

Make It So Much More

Moreover, Tiffany & Co. will expand on five of the collection’s existing themes, namely, Shell, Coral, Pisces, Star Urchin and Starfish, and reimagine Schlumberger’s vision in a new theme: Sea Anemone. The event presents over 600 high Jewellery designs through an experiential journey, demonstrating the House’s renowned craftsmanship and heritage of excellence.Out Of The Blue

Nathalie Verdeille, Chief Artistic Officer, Jewellery and High Jewellery, Tiffany & Co. also stated, “Our collection is a dance between mimesis and stylisation, representation and figuration, realism and abstraction of nature. The ocean-inspired masterpieces are an ode to Jean Schlumberger’s rich creative repertoire. From his creations, we have created a new dreamlike language that animates what he so brilliantly conceived half a century ago.”

Masters At The Craft

On top of that, the masterful high Jewellery creations are exhibited in various rooms that have taken design inspiration from the Blue Book 2023 collection. From the Sea Cave room to the Infitnite Coral Garden, exquisite designs with diamond and colored gemstone pieces are on display, reaffirming the House’s heritage and legitimacy as the ‘Diamond Kings.’Out Of The Blue

The Pinnacle

Pinnacle pieces such as the Pisces brooch feature rare gemstones including unenhanced padparadscha sapphires, unenhanced pink sapphires, rubellites and diamonds, while the Sea Anemone pendant highlights blue cuprian elbaite tourmaline, turquoise and diamonds to mirror Schlumberger’s unparalleled manifestations of the sea’s majesty and mystery.Out Of The Blue

With captivating diamonds and coloured gemstones, the launch of the Blue Book 2023 Out of the Blue event recognises  Tiffany & Co.’s legendary designers and transformable creations.


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