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Check Out These Enticing Playoff Sneakers By Berluti

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Check Out These Enticing Playoff Sneakers By Berluti

Playoff sneakers

These sneakers don’t just look good, they also feel great for everyday usePlayoff sneakers

Berluti was established in Paris in 1895 and was built by shoemakers. Although today the brand is known for its entire collection of clothing lines, Berluti is going back to their roots with this new offering, the stylish and functional Playoff sneakers by Berluti, see why it’s the only shoe you’ll ever need.

Berluti is making a bold statement this Fall – Winter 2022 season with their new Playoff sneakers. With the high top basketball sneakers of the 80’s and early 90’s serving as the muse for these new sneakers, the design is somehow apologetically loud and subdued at the same time.

Moreover, these sneakers also have a story behind them by paying homage to the brand’s first ever sneakers, the playtime by Berluti. The sporty, functional and eye-catching design is a result of Berluti’s experience, skills and creativity.

These Playoff sneakers are made from 80 pieces of Venezia leather cutouts all assembled together and have laces that match the colour of your sneakers so if you think about it, the sneakers are actually a complex and intricate piece of modern art that you wear on your feet.Playoff sneakers

On top of that, the sneakers also feature a padded Venezia leather tongue, perforations, an anatomic insole and a mesh lining as well as thick rubber outsole and leather heel inserts to make them more comfortable. Sporty, functional, stylish and comfortable, there is literally nothing to complain about with these sneakers.

Additionally, these sneakers come in two different upper styles to appeal to each individual’s style and preference. So if you want something that looks more playful and early 90’s, then the high top and if you have a more understated style, the low top option is for you.

Did someone say colour options? Well they come in 5 eye-catching designs, such as the iconic Berluti Nero Grigio, Honey and a new Neon Patina, which takes over 3 hours to complete as the contrasting tone is done by hand. This technique produces two dual colour options namely, steel blue and red and purple and blue.

To personalize the playoff sneakers even further, each pair comes with a pair of white laces in a canvas pouch so you can go crazy and change the look of your sneakers whenever you want.Playoff sneakers

Looking to elevate your sneaker style game? Check out these playoff sneakers at any Berluti store or e-shop today.


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