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TheArtiste Is On A Mission To Discover South& East Asia’s Next Global Star

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TheArtiste Is On A Mission To Discover South& East Asia’s Next Global Star


If you think you have what it takes, then try your luck with this music search

The search begins as TheArtiste, the region’s biggest music talent competition, is set to transform the music and entertainment space by discovering South & East Asia’s Next Global Music Superstar. Organised by Jubilee Music Asia, this platform aims to discover and elevate Asian music talents for the world stage.TheArtiste

Searching For A Superstar

TheArtiste has seen staggering anticipation, considering what the competition is slated to bring to the music and entertainment industry. More than just a talent search, the platform is primed and ready to discover the next big global superstar entertainer from the region.

Moreover, the search aims to foster a dynamic, inclusive music ecosystem by propelling South and East Asian talents to global acclaim. Through its partners in Southeast Asia and the United States, it will create a platform where stars can shine bright whilst allowing fans to discover new musical talents and artists.TheArtiste

How To Win

Following the audition process held in Malaysia and Singapore, shortlisted talents will enter a strict judging process to decide the winner. The winning artiste will sign a global recording and/or publishing cum management contract and fly to Los Angeles to collaborate with award-winning industry creatives and professionals.

The competition will kick off in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore with plans to open the search to Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and India soon after. To reach the international audience and fan base, all participants will sing and perform in English.TheArtiste

The Rewards

In addition to the enticing prospect of signing a once-in-a-lifetime recording contract, the winner will also stay in Los Angeles for three months to record and produce a single and music video with a team of award-winning songwriters, producers and creatives.

The winner of TheArtiste will perform on promotional tours, including Late Night TV show appearances, showcases and festival performances as well as a grand homecoming concert in the winner’s country and the region. Auditions will be held in the first quarter of 2025.TheArtiste

Think you have what it takes? Then find out more on the Official TheArtiste Website.


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