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The Wild One Hakuna Mipaka Limited Edition From Norqain Is Here

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The Wild One Hakuna Mipaka Limited Edition From Norqain Is Here

Hakuma Mipaka

The Hakuma Mipaka was created with wildlife ambassador Dean Schneider

For the third time, Norqain and wildlife ambassador Dean Schneider have come together to co-design a timepiece. This time, the two present the Wild One Hakuna Mipaka Limited Edition. The 300-piece limited edition is based on the revolutionary Norqain Wild One and features a number of bespoke finishes that bring Dean’s conservation mission into sharp focus.Hakuma Mipaka

This includes a brown and sand colour palette inspired by King Dexter of the Hakuna Mipaka pride, and sand from the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis integrated into the rubber shock absorber. Ten percent of proceeds from sales of the Norqain watch will contribute to Dean’s mission.

This Time For Africa

The Oasis is a unique place that covers 400 hectares of South African wilderness. It is home to thousands of species including zebras, giraffes, leopards and a pride of lions. Dean’s decision to keep the area closed to tourists means his conservation mission is funded entirely by donations.

The King Of The Savannah

The watch is distinguished by its palette, a rich golden brown that echoes the colour and texture of King Dexter of the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis, a majestic lion with whom Dean has developed a special bond since Dexter was a lion cub at the oasis.

On top of that, the watch possesses a revolutionary 25-part case and has a dark brown ultra-robust and ultra-light Norteq cage sandwiching a sand-coloured rubber shock absorber that contains sand from the oasis, giving it an earthy, lion-inspired look.Hakuma Mipaka

What Is Norteq?

In case you were wondering, Norteq is an innovative, highly shock-resistant carbon-fibre material that was created exclusively for Norqain and its watches in a close collaboration between Norqain, Jean-Claude Biver and BIWI SA.

The watch is finished with the N Norqain plate, a plate on the left flank of the watch, which can be engraved with the owner’s specifications. Each Wild One Hakuna Mipaka Limited Edition (priced at RM26,180) will be presented with a special sand-coloured Hakuna Mipaka cap and special Hakuna Mipaka packaging.Hakuma Mipaka

More information can be found on the Official Norqain Website.


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