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The Urwerk UR-120: Live Long And Prosper!

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The Urwerk UR-120: Live Long And Prosper!


The Urwerk UR-120 is the watch for Star Trek fans

We all know the iconic hand sign of the Vulcan species and Spock in particular, the silver tongued, cold but caring Commander in the Star Trek movies. Now, Urwerk has taken our love for the character to a whole new world of amazing with their latest offering, the Urwerk UR-120, and we are all for it.UR-120

The signature hand up, palm forward, fingers parted in the middle and “live long and prosper!” greeting is a well known meme in modern culture and is a design perfectly mimicked in the Urwerk brand DNA. Now it is the foundation in design of the brand’s newest wristwatch, the UR-120, but will this watch live long and prosper?

Naturally, a watch with this much history has to come with its own storyline and Urwerk did not disappoint. The satellite display of the Urwerk UR-120 was born in the Beta Quadrant some 16.5 million light years away from Earth and relies on satellites splitting open so it can spin, each on their own axis.Urwerk

This is what makes the Urwerk UR-120 so thick, at 44mm long, 47mm wide and 15.8mm thick, the case of the watch is unlike anything of this Earth, fitting then, that it truly is out of this world, and the innovative splitting satellites on each of the three arms, each bearing its own satellite is as unique as it gets in the watchmaking world.

The Urwerk UR-120 also features several new design elements including the watch case being constructed out of two interlocking parts, similar to a caseback and bezel. These connect seamlessly with the aid of lateral screws as well as the pronounced visible lugs on the watch.UR-120

Moreover, the Urwerk UR-120 is the first series of it’s kind to sport an almost entirely gray form. Its upper case and bezel are made of finely sandblasted steel and the lower part of the watch being made of sandblasted titanium. This opens the doorway to a new era of design, almost as if Urwerk were “punching it” into warp speed into a new quadrant of design.watch

Want to live long and prosper too? Check out the Official Urwerk Website and take your wristwatch game into overdrive today.


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