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The Urwerk UR-100V Magic T Revisits The Principles Of Minimalism

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The Urwerk UR-100V Magic T Revisits The Principles Of Minimalism


The new UR-100V Magic T is a model of stylish simplicity

After the black of carbon and the muted grey of raw titanium, esteemed watchmaker Urwerk continues to explore these ‘cold’ colours that come to life under the light and enlighten the informed eye. More than just work on colour, the new UR-100V Magic T is about research into nuances, reflections and chromatic subtleties.UR-100V

The UR-100V Magic features a luminous and intense metallic grey, now delicately nestled on the wrist. From case to bracelet, this timepiece is all about titanium. Like a blank page, the UR-100V lends itself to all its creators’ desires and fanciful touches, making it one of the more unique timepieces out there at the moment.

Felix Baumgartner, master watchmaker and co-founder of Urwerk, explains, that the UR-100V Magic T is fully deserving of its nickname as it evokes the magic of titanium. “This material lends itself beautifully to the finest finishes. We have loved and admired raw titanium, and now we have it gleaming in full brilliance, thanks to light, refined shot-blasting.”

He adds, “All the beauty of the metal is there. We also worked on the legibility of our timepiece, adding complexity to the dial that is now broken down into several elements to give it more structure. Try to distinguish between the many different levels of this 3D creation and you will discover that everything has been thought through right the way down to the smallest details, pushing the limits of perceptibility.”UR-100V

Doing The Impossible

On top of that, no one would have imagined that this principle, extrapolated from a 17th century clock, could be explored, transformed and transmuted with such creativity in space, volume and time. In the Urwerk UR-100V Magic T, the capacity for reinvention without ever deviating from its fundamental principles is undoubted.


Even more explicitly than all other Urwerk creations, the UR-100V Magic T is entirely bound up with the realm of space. Not just because its design can be described as that of a UFO. Not merely because it’s impossible-to-categorise design evokes a whole different dimension beyond the boundaries of current watchmaking. It bears two long recesses on the sides of its satellite carrier.UR-100V Uwerk

More details on the new UR-100V Magic T can be found on the Official Urwerk Website.


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