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The Swiss Dream Circus 2023 Returns To Malaysia For Its Comeback Show

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The Swiss Dream Circus 2023 Returns To Malaysia For Its Comeback Show

Swiss Dream Circus

The circus to end all circuses, right in your backyard

The Swiss Dream Circus is one of the oldest across the globe. In Switzerland there are over 14 circus companies and a variety shows that traditionally travel through the country. For years, the Malaysian Royal London Circus was the only circus in the country. Unfortunately, the company closed in 2007 and there were no more circus appearances in Malaysia for years after. Thus creating the perfect opportunity for The Swiss Dream Circus.

Under The Big Top

There are currently three other companies travelling throughout Malaysia. At Swiss Dream Circus, quality is the only success worth measuring. It promises to deliver true family-centered entertainment which awakens old childhood memories all at once.

The circus aims to create a bridge between tradition and modernity, especially in this era of digital and technology.

Swiss Dream Circus offers a slate of world-class performances, gravity-defying stunts and hillarious clown antics. Amongst the main acts, check out the Cyr Wheel by Ukraine artist, Jeka Dehtiarov and Knife Throwing and Arrow Act orchestrated by real-life Russian couple, Gor & Tatiana. Be mesmerised by the Extreme Lights LED Performance and Ruslan Ulubaev’s Bike Act with amazing stunts like jumps and more.

Tickets for the performance are priced from RM49 to RM199.The Swiss Dream Circus will be based at Mutiara Damansara, The Curve from 28 June to 23 July. Ready to go on a journey unlike any other? Then book your tickets to the Swiss Dream Circus on the Circus’ Official Website.


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