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The Richard Mille RM 66 Tourbillon Is Proudly Unconventional

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The Richard Mille RM 66 Tourbillon Is Proudly Unconventional

RM 66 Tourbillon

This limited edition timepiece is inspired by rock music

The new RM 66 Tourbillon from Richard Mille is definitely one of the more boisterous watches out there. Part of the reason for this is the ‘horns’ hand sign on full display that symbolises a generation, a school of thought, a state of mind. If standing out is right up your alley, then this watch is undoubtedly for you.RM 66 Tourbillon

Anyone who is a fan of the brand and seeks to challenge any limitation will surely see the originality in the RM 66 Tourbillon as the watch certainly does not try to hide just who it is aimed at. It is bold and in your face, just like the kind of person who would like this watch.

The first thing you notice about the RM 66 Tourbillon is the openwork hand in 5N red gold that holds the movement because the brand insists on doing things its own way. What’s more, the hand that appears is seen through an X-ray. This is a nod to the RM 052 Tourbillon Skull which in itself is a reminder, via the symbolism of the skull, of how important it is to live each moment to the fullest.RM 66 Tourbillon

On top of that, the ‘horns’ on the RM 66 Tourbillon are represented by outstretched index and little fingers, whilst the last phalange of the thumb holding the middle and ring fingers are visible from the back of the watch. All these subtle touches were conceived by the Creative and Development Director Cecile Guenat.

Additionally, the task of craftsmanship was entrusted to Genevan engraver Olivier Vaucher. We can see this in the architecture of the RM66 manual winding calibre that showcases a fast-winding barrel providing a 72-hour power reserve positioned at 6 o’clock and the tourbillon at 12 o’clock. This is also a first for the brand.Richard Mille

The task of bringing to life the rock and roll essence of the RM 66 Tourbillon was not easy but of course, Richard Mille succeeded in spectacular fashion as always. 1,500 hours of Research & Development and 9 months of work for the casing team resulted in, among other touches, the index points being shaped like a guitar plectrum.

Julien Boillat, Technical Director for Cases even stated, “Between its development and finalization, we spent more than 200 hours on this piece, in addition to the 12 hours required to machine and finish a single crown. Polishing titanium is much more difficult than polishing gold or steel.”Richard Mille

In the market to rock a stylish and unique timepiece? Visit the Official Richard Mille Website today.


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