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The Pagani Utopia Premiere Is The Ultimate Expression Of Art And Music

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The Pagani Utopia Premiere Is The Ultimate Expression Of Art And Music

Pagani Utopia

The Pagani Utopia provides an auditory and visual experience like no other

Pagani Automobili has always been at the forefront of bold and innovative designs. After all, they don’t call founder, Horacio Pagani, the Da Vinci of cars for nothing and his latest hyper car, the Pagani Utopia is no exception. Every bit as beautiful and innovative as you would expect, this car will take your eyes and ears on a journey.

Of course being a Pagani car, you would naturally expect that the car itself is an artistic expression and it is. With classic Pagani design elements all around and an emphasis on aerodynamic shape, this car demands your attention when it passes.

Not to mention the equally mesmerizing interior which is both classic and modern at the same time as it has a digital instrument cluster but no infotainment screen. It also comes in a 7-speed manual option.

While the 6 litre V12 engine is already an orchestra all on its own (and makes the car crazy fast) , the Mercedes-AMG sourced turbocharger adds nuance to it and of course the unveiling event for this car takes that to the next level.

The world premiere of the Pagani Utopia saw a musical background featuring a composition played by the Symphony Orchestra of The Milan Conservatory and to make it even more memorable, their symphony is based on piano pieces written by a young Horacio Pagani.

On top of that, Pagani is not satisfied with just embracing your ears with a beautiful melody, the brand will also shower your eyes with the captivating beauty of not one, but six drawings by Horacio Pagani as well.

This is very much in line with the brand identity of Pagani as the man behind the brand has always been a visionary and genius in more ways than one and if his cars are not proof of this, I don’t know what is.

Moreover, with all these gifts Pagani is showering us with, it should come as no surprise that this hyper car is going to be ultra exclusive. There will only be 99 models created and they will begin delivery next year and naturally, all units are already pre-booked.

Want to hear more of the Pagani melody? Check out the Pagani Instagram page to indulge your senses in unparalleled art today.



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