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The Oktopus Moon 3DTP Is The Perfect Summer Watch For Adventures

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The Oktopus Moon 3DTP Is The Perfect Summer Watch For Adventures


The Oktopus Moon 3DTP comes with a white ceramic bezel and black ink dial

Watchmaker, Linde Werdelin presents the Oktopus White Black Ink, the successor to its iconic Oktopus Black Ink that marked the 20th anniversary of the brand. It is a unique but also stylish example of a wristwatch that you simply will not be able to replicate no matter how hard you try.Oktopus

Perfect For Adventurers

This exquisite timepiece combines uncompromising style, masculine sophistication with a bold black and white contrast, making it the ideal watch for summer adventures. Plus with its unique black and white colour scheme, it also presents a rare duality few watches can emulate.

Key design features include a striking white ceramic bezel, distinguished 3DTP black case, captivating black ink dial and pristine white strap. It is driven by a LW bespoke caliber with moon phase complication. Combined, this new edition radiates a contemporary style and timeless elegance, making it the ideal companion for every moment, from day to night.Oktopus

A Unique Case

The case of the Oktopus Moon 3DTP White Black Ink is produced in pioneering 3-Dimensional Thin Ply Carbon (3DTP) with a bezel in white ceramic. Ceramic is a perfect choice for this as most bezels tend to be made of some form of metal, this is a breath of fresh air.

On top of that, different from traditional carbon fibre composites or forged carbon, the 3DTP involves a technique of layering thin sheets of carbon to ensure maximum lightness and strength. This means you can be confident wearing it no matter what the situation is.Oktopus

Swiss Excellence

Originally the world’s first proprietary technology carbon conceived for Swiss watchmaking, it is engineered to achieve a high precision calculated case structure. This is also one of the things that adds more value to the timepiece.

The movement in the Oktopus is bespoke with an in house graphic moon phase complication, which was originally conceived and developed in 2009 together with renowned Danish master watchmaker Svend Andersen of Andersen Geneve.

Jorn Werdelin, Co-Founder, concluded by saying, “When we first finished the piece, I thought this is my perfect summer watch, the juxtaposition of black and white from the strap to the case, the bezel and into the moons themselves works perfectly.”Oktopus

Visit the Official Linde Werdelin Website to know more.


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