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The New Blast Tourbillon Blue And Gold Is A Journey Into The Future

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The New Blast Tourbillon Blue And Gold Is A Journey Into The Future

Blast Tourbillon

The Blast Tourbillon Blue And Gold reinterprets the essence of Haute Horology

The Blast Collection from Ulysse Nardin embraces challenges, and the brand’s latest challenge it is taking on is to redefine the essence of Haute Horology to bring it closer to the 21st century. Arguably, the brand has achieved this with the introduction of the all-new Blast tourbillon Blue And Gold.

Blast Tourbillon

In the spirit of reinventing Haute Horology and charting a new course in the 21st century, the Blast Tourbillon Blue And Gold as well as the entire Ulysse Nardin Blast collection feature a double X for exploration. The sharp lines on the watch indicate it taking a decisive step towards the future of watchmaking.

The Future Is Now

The new Blast Tourbillon Blue And Gold is a clear affirmation of the Ulysse Nardin brand’s innovative prowess. As an independent brand that dares to take its elite watchmaking craftsmanship to unexplored paths, Ulysse Nardin inspires and forges the watchmaking of tomorrow and brings that future to its watches today.

What Is The Future Made Of

The Blast Tourbillon Blue And Gold is driven by a flying tourbillon skeletonized movement with silicium escapement in a modern case. This was inspired by the lines of stealth aircraft, which allows the avant-garde watch to express its full power by perfectly integrating its colours and materials resulting in a beautiful watch.Blast Tourbillon

New World, Same Defining Qualities

Despite the fact that the Blast Tourbillon Blue And Gold is truly ahead of its time in almost every metric and even prides itself on this contemporary style, the watch still retains the iconic features of the Blast Collection. The features include the rectangular frame, coloured bezel and signature three lugs that fit into the strap.

Open Frame, Brighter Shine

On top of that, the Blast Tourbillon Blue And Gold plays with transparency and authenticity . The UN-172 Manufacture calibre houses an automatic silicium flying tourbillon nestled in a unique X-shape which allows light to penetrate the open worked watch, illuminating the extraordinary watch just a bit more than most.

New And Improved Body

The Blast Tourbillon Blue And Gold is structured with alternating components in rose gold and blue PVD titanium, and features both polished and satin-finished surfaces. The 45mm case is also water-resistant to 50 meters and the watch can be paired with a blue velvet rubber strap along with a rose gold and blue PVD titanium folding clasp.


More information can be found on the Official Ulysse Nardin Website.


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