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The Lamborghini Invencible And Autentica Are A Unique V12 Farewell

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The Lamborghini Invencible And Autentica Are A Unique V12 Farewell


These one-off Lamborghini cars mark the end of the V12 supercar era

As we all know, Italian supercar manufacturer, Lamborghini, has already announced that it will no longer be making iconic petrol-powered supercars and by extension, the end of its V12 supercar era as well. Now before the brand transitions to hybrid power, it unveils the Invencible and Autentica as a unique and final farewell to the V12.V12

The Lamborghini Invencible coupe and Autentica roadster cars are a celebration to the brand’s renowned naturally-aspirated V12. These two one-offs highlight the peak of the brand’s exclusive personalisation by including customer feedback from the beginning to create something truly bespoke.

Stephan Winkelmann, Automobili Lamborghini Chairman and CEO, said, “The V12 engine is one of the pillars of our history and our marque’s success. As we head towards embracing a new era of hybridization at the heart of our Cor Tauri strategy, this is the Lamborghini way of celebrating the naturally aspirated V12 with two one-off vehicles that perfectly represent our concept of excellence in personalization.”V12

Moreover, these two Lamborghini one-off cars were styled by Lamborghini Centro Stile as the pinnacle of creativity using the V12 platform that contributed to the company’s significance and both cars also pay homage to Lamborghini masterpieces such as the Sesto Elemento, Reventon and the iconic Veneno.

Mitja Borkert, Automobili Lamborghini Head of Design, stated, “We have created two one-off cars with their own unique character, inspired by track days and the high-octane circuit environment. They are designed by Lamborghini Centro Stile, exerting maximum creativity on the V12 platform. These one-off designs draw on our unique design DNA while once again elevating our design heritage to a new level.”V12

On top of that, both of these new one-off Lamborghini cars are made from the same carbon fibre monocoque as well as the same full carbon bodywork as the iconic Aventador and integrate the brand’s well-known hexagon motif all over the cars and even feature in their interiors as well.

Speaking of the interior, both Lamborghini cars feature a minimalist interior dominated by clean lines and a simple dashboard design and hexagonal 3D printed air vents and a clean console with no instruments or clutter. The cockpit is also framed by carbon fibre and features a digital readout with dedicated graphics for each car.Lamborghini

The Lamborghini Invencible and Autentica will be the last cars Lamborghini will ever make with a 6.5 l 12-cylinder engine before the brand, just like most others, transitions to a hybrid (or fully electric for some other brands) era. These final salute cars make 780CV and a maximum of 720Nm of torque.Lamborghini

So what do you guys think of these last V12 Lamborghini cars? Are you sad to see the V12 go but excited to see what the brand can achieve with hybrids?


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