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The G-Shock x Titan 22 DW-5600TIT Blends Urban Style With Basketball Passion

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The G-Shock x Titan 22 DW-5600TIT Blends Urban Style With Basketball Passion

Titan 22

The one of its kind G-Shock x Titan 22 DW 5600TIT is truly a must have on the court

Casio has just announced its first-ever collaboration with Titan 22, resulting in a first-of-its-kind basketball collective out of Manila. A partnership that merges urban style, innovation, and the dynamic spirit of street and hoops culture, the G-Shock x Titan22 DW-5600TIT offers a fitting tribute to those who love the game.Titan 22

Much More

More than just a wristwatch, this simple, yet stylish timepiece is a true must have for anyone who takes the sport of basketball seriously, after all, how many other wristwatches offer the simplicity and durability that the G-Shock x Titan 22 DW-5600TIT? Anyone who plays the game knows how serious it gets and why a watch like this is perfect for the basketball court.

Paying homage to Titan 22’s love for Game spirit, this collaborative timepiece seamlessly integrates the hoop brand’s iconic lightning fist logo into the timeless design of the DW-5600, adorning both the watch face and strap with an original lightning pattern. It’s a tangible representation of the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Classic Casio Style

Presented in Casio’s signature round metal, the watch resembles Titan 22’s championship mentality, reflected through a victorious gold hue finish. It comes in a distinct packaging showcasing a custom logo that combines the G-Shock DW-5600 watch face outline and Titan 22’s lightning shard emblems, topped off by a bold and inspiring inscription that reads ‘World Champions’

On top of that, this is a statement that is also elegantly engraved on the watch’s rear and strap. Lightning shards are also meticulously crafted on the watch strap. Be a part of this thrilling journey, where the worlds of Casio and Titan22 meet in a celebration of style, passion, and innovation and take your game up a notch both on and off the court.Watch

The G-Shock x Titan 22 watch is priced at RM695 and it is now available online at the Official G-Shock Website.


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