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The De Bethune DB25, The World’s First Self Winding Calendar Watch

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The De Bethune DB25, The World’s First Self Winding Calendar Watch

De Bethune DB25

It tells time and tells you the date in the most unique way too

De Bethune is a Swiss Watchmaker founded in 2002 by David Zanetta, a collector with a passion for art, history and timepieces. This passion has always been reflected in the gorgeous watches the brand makes. Their newest innovation, the De Bethune DB25, is no different, let’s look at why it is THE watch to look out for.De Bethune DB25

The original perpetual calendar from De Bethune launched in 2011 and it was more than just a watch. It exemplified a perfect blend of beauty and mechanics that resulted in a technological marvel. Now more that 10 years later at the Geneva Watch Days 2022, the brand has announced the new iteration of it, the De Bethune DB25.

The watch comes in a silver and blue round, 40mm titanium dial and features a radiating hand-guilloche dial that uses roman numerals to mark the numbers 1 through 12. The coolest feature is the calendar which incorporates a leap-year indicator in a gold disc as well as a secondary dial to show the date with the day and month flanking it.

On top of that, the openworked and curved exposed lugs highlight the practicality and comfort of wearing the watch. It also forces anyone who looks upon it to stare just a little longer to admire the magnificent piece of art this timepiece is.

Moreover, the perpetual calendar sits inside a self-winding calibre DB2324V2 with a five-day power reserve. This masterpiece of horology is the result of De Bethune’s top quality research and cutting edge technology. The calendar also features a spherical moon which indicates the phases of the moon precisely with the actual moon.De Bethune DB25

The watch is also equipped with the brand’s famous balance spring, a small and extremely fine hairspring that allows for the watch to be thinner. It also negates the need for pins in the index-assembly system whilst acting as a shock absorber. A sapphire case-back also allows for its beauty and complexity to be seen by everyone.

Additionally, this timepiece is fitted with a leather strap and a polished titanium buckle and comes with a secondary grey fabric strap in case you ever want to go for a more subdued look. However we opine that it should be worn as is to truly encapsulate it’s appeal.

The De Bethune DB25 will be limited to a single production run of 15 units a year so if you want one, check out the De Bethune global website now.


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