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The Bottega Veneta Pillow Sneakers Are The Winter Sneakers You Need

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The Bottega Veneta Pillow Sneakers Are The Winter Sneakers You Need

Pillow Sneakers

A classic design and supreme comfort, the pillow sneakers have everything you want

Bottega Veneta has just added a new pair of comfy looking and bold new sneakers to their Winter 2022 lineup. And it may well be the do-it-all pair of sneakers we have been waiting for. Say hello to the Bottega Veneta Pillow Sneakers.Pillow Sneakers

A bold design featuring a fluid silhouette that transcends the conventional construct of masculine and feminine, the Pillow Sneakers make anyone wearing them not only look good, but feel great as well. Not to mention its styling is perfect for any activity.

With the roller skating culture and 90s classic sneaker designs serving as the basis of these stylish sneakers, their design is very old school, yet the sneakers also look quite modern at the same time. In this regard, we see these sneakers as the perfect blend between past and present.Pillow Sneakers

In line with its inspiration, the Pillow Sneakers play with volume, presenting an illusion to whomever wishes to gaze upon your feet. It achieves this using padding and cloud like foam. This gives the sneakers a more rounded look.

Designed for comfort, the Pillow Sneakers are made with Tennis calf. The soft leather used to bring these shoes to life paired with the mesh-lining and expert assembly all work harmoniously to make a versatile shoe without sacrificing any comfort.Pillow Sneakers

The Pillow Sneakers come in a few different colours to match any aesthetic and any taste so you will always have the shoe that best fits your style. It is available in black, optic white and parakeet.

More details can be found at Bottega Veneta’s official website.shoes


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