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The Bell & Ross BR05 Sincere Green Steel Is Understated Style

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The Bell & Ross BR05 Sincere Green Steel Is Understated Style

Sincere Green Steel

Look good without shouting it out with this captivating green watch

Bell & Ross has always been the benchmark for aeronautical instrumentation so it should come as no surprise that any timepiece the brand releases is sure to be of the highest quality. The brand’s latest offering is no different, say hello to the BR05 Sincere Green Steel timepiece.Sincere Green Steel

Nicknamed the “Greenback,” the BR05 Sincere Green Steel is a special edition timepiece created exclusively in partnership between Bell & Ross and Sincere Fine Watches Singapore in conjunction with the opening of the Bell & Ross mono boutique at Marina Bay Sands.

Naturally being a collaborative and exclusive timepiece, the BR05 Sincere Green Steel is limited to 111 pieces. The production of this timepiece also signifies the three towers of Marina Bay Sands. This number is also indicative of the power of manifesting and the power of manifesting thoughts into reality.

Moreover, the BR05 Sincere Green Steel is also a physical reminder of the trajectory that Bell & Ross and Sincere Fine Watches took in 2009 to ensure that the retail environment would reflect the former watchmaker’s spirit and sophistication. This has become a reality today so the watch is a symbol in and of itself.

Mr.Tong Chee Wei, General Manager of Bell& Ross Asia, stated, “When a reputable watch retailer pairs up with a passionate watchmaker, a refined timepiece star is bound to be born. The collaboration epitomizes both institutions’ shared values for timepieces; a reflection of the passion for the art and science of haute horlogerie, innovation, creativity, and style.”Sincere Green Steel

On top of that, the BR05 Sincere Green Steel is also available in several colorways including black, silver, blue and copper as well as a cadran vert et motif which we believe truly takes the watch to a whole new level of refinement and also sets itself apart through its dial. We opine this is the colour you want.

Furthermore, the BR05 Sincere Green Steel is also reflective of an old saying, “perfection hides in the details.” This is evident in the nickname the timepiece carries, greenback, which is likened to the slang term for the US Dollar. The timepiece also comes with green inked iconic symbols to further emphasize this.BR05

Looking for a symbolic timepiece to add to your collection? Visit the Official Bell & Ross Website to get yours today.


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