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The Asus Zenbook 17 Pro Is Finally Here

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The Asus Zenbook 17 Pro Is Finally Here

ASUS Zenbook 17

This foldable Asus laptop is officially available

Remember when we mentioned that Asus would be giving us the world’s first foldable laptop? Well it’s finally here. That’s right, the Asus Zenbook 17 Pro is finally here and available at Asus Exclusive Stores for anyone who wants this piece of the future.

This unique Asus laptop was hailed for its groundbreaking innovation and unique form factor, now it is finally ready to leave our imaginations and make our day to day lives more awesome. Now you may be thinking, “What’s so great about this thing?” Well, glad you asked.

This Asus laptop gives you the flexibility and convenience of having a massive 17.3 inch, bright and vivid OLED display while also being able to shrink down to a more manageable 12.5 inch display at a moment’s notice. What’s more you can fold it down to use the virtual keyboard or use the bluetooth keyboard if you prefer.

Moreover, this Zenbook guarantees smooth performance thanks to its 12th generation Intel Core i7 processor, Intel X graphics card, 16GB of RAM, 1Tb storage and 4.0 SSD. Not to mention, the powerful 75W battery makes sure that you have enough juice to get all your work done and attend a few meetings throughout the day.

Additionally, the foldable form factor means this laptop is more than just an Asus laptop, it also has the versatility to be used in six different modes. This includes a desktop mode, two different laptop (with and without keyboard) modes, tablet mode, reader mode and extended mode which is when the laptop is fully extended and used in tandem with the keyboard simulating a PC.

While this laptop may be out of stock at the moment, (very annoying as it is too popular for its own good and we can’t even get our hands on one), a quick visit to the Asus website will help you out. Simply click here and click on “notify me” to be alerted as soon as new stock arrives.ASUS Zenbook 17ASUS Zenbook 17Zenbook 17

Looking for a foldable laptop to make all your friends jealous? You may just want to check out the Official Asus Website now.Zenbook 17


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