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Take A Look At The Stunning New Pininfarina And Roux Helmet Collab


Take A Look At The Stunning New Pininfarina And Roux Helmet Collab


See how Pininfarina and Roux decided to design its new F1 helmet

In a historic partnership merging the worlds of design and motorsports, legendary Italian design house Pininfarina and leading helmet manufacturer Roux Helmets have announced the launch of a stunning new line of helmets built for F1 success.Pininfarina

Safety First

Built on the promise of superior safety, exclusive design, and unparalleled comfort, this collaboration harmoniously intertwines the unparalleled Pininfarina design prowess with the time-tested commitment to protective gear for motorsports of Roux.

Moreover, the new line of helmets represents a ground-breaking achievement for both organizations. Leveraging the pedigree of Pininfarina in designing iconic automobiles for Ferrari, Maserati, and Alfa Romeo, the designs exude sleekness and sophistication, while preserving the highest level of safety standards.

Exclusive Design

Roux by Pininfarina is an exclusive collection of racing helmets, designed meticulously for both close cockpit (GT) and open cockpit racing, and suitable for competitions from Formula 4 to Formula 1. The helmets are fully approved by FIA 8859/Snell SA2020, guaranteeing the highest standard in safety and performance.Pininfarina

Each GT helmet is specifically engineered with a priority on temperature control, equipped with both a built-in air port and Roux’s signature COOL-X integrated water-cooling system.

Stay Cool!

This cutting-edge COOL-X TECHNOLOGY recirculates water from a CoolShirt cooler, keeping a steady flow of perfectly maintained chilled water to minimize heat stress. This groundbreaking feature enables you to stay focused on the race, promoting optimal performance under intense conditions.

What’s more, another distinctive feature of our helmets is Roux’s proprietary release system, which facilitates quick removal in emergency situations. This innovative functionality ensures an additional layer of safety for racers. The helmets will be released in select stores and online platforms from September 2023.Pininfarina

For more information, visit the Official Pininfarina Website.


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