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Superga Releases Pokemon Collection

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Superga Releases Pokemon Collection


The Superga collection features trainers for trainers

Superga is getting ready for the holidays with an electrifying new collection featuring trainers. What makes this new collection so electrifying? Well, the People’s Shoe of Italy is proud to present its all-new Pokemon collection featuring a lineup of six trainers for Pokemon trainers young and young at heart.Superga

We grew up at a time when the Pokemon brand was at its peak. Naturally, we are extra excited for this collection from Superga as it brings back nostalgic memories of waking up early on Saturday mornings to rush down and grab the tv remote to watch Ash Ketchum and crew “catch ‘em all.”

The evergreen Pokemon brand continues to be celebrated by fans all over the world, more than 25 years since its introduction. This wide-ranging appeal is a trait that the 112-year-old Italian sneaker brand also shares, resulting in a family-centric collection of sneakers with a focus on iconic Pokemon elements.Superga

Moreover, the junior range of Pokemon sneakers is diverse and thoughtfully crafted to be the perfect pair of shoes for any little pair of feet. Featuring a lightweight construction, to velcro straps in lieu of laces, everything about the collection is just perfect for any Pokemon fan.

The Pokemon Collection also pays homage to the fundamentals of both brands with three unisex adult sneakers and three unisex junior counterparts. The colourful and familiar hues of the Pokemon brand accent the sleek silhouette of 3 signature Superga sneakers which are the Superga Strap, Superga 2750 and Superga 2490.

However, despite offering so much variety, there is only one pair of sneakers in the entire Pokemon Collection that will be instantly recognizable to just about anyone. That is the electrifying Superga 2750 Junior Strap Pikachu And Superga 2750 Pikachu, both featuring the extremely popular, Pikachu.Superga

These Superga sneakers offer an energizing twist on the quintessential white sneaker as it incorporates very subtle but effective colour use with a dash of blue being used on the base of the shoe. It also features the iconic yellow Pikachu on one side towards the back end of the shoe.

Cool collab aside, these sneakers are renowned worldwide for their versatility and durability, making these the perfect trainers for trainers. What’s more, with the iconic Pikachu motif, this makes the shoes the perfect conversation starter as everyone knows Pikachu.Pokemon

In the market for a pair of electrifying sneakers? Visit the Official Superga Website for further details.


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