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Sunsets Must Be Appreciated More

The sun rises and sets every single day, no matter where you live so enjoy sunsets.

The setting sun seems to be an image that many want to treasure by sharing on their social media platforms. However, even before the invention of the smartphone and its photographing abilities, the sunset has been photographed and stored as a memory from a holiday or a great location visited.

sunsets around the world

The sunset has remained a sight that is treasured over the years and one that in a strange way, soothes the soul and radiates a sense of calm. Watching the sunset on the beach when, or just catching a vanishing glimpse of the twilight sky from your kitchen window at home it can be hard to put the majesty and mystery of a sunset into words.

Sunsets are one of the most romantic times of the day. When you watching it with the right person.

sunsets around the world

Sunsets on the beach seem to be the most spectacular ones. The water itself obviously adds some special effects to the sunset shot. With reflections and extra colors. That is why sunsets on the beach are so popular.

Sunsets remind us that change is part of life and everything has an ending. Many people resist change.

While a sunrise might represent birth and rebirth, while the sunset represents the end of a journey.

sunsets around the world

How does the sunset work? Well, when a beam of sunlight strikes a molecule in the atmosphere, what’s called “scattering” occurs, sending some of the light’s wavelengths off in different directions.

Astronomers recognize three different stages of twilight: civil twilight, nautical twilight and astronomical twilight. All three stages happen twice in a 24-hour period, between day and night and then repeating in reverse order between night and day.

So, take the time to enjoy a sunset, even if it right in the heart of the city.