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Sundaram Tagore Singapore Presents A Hiroshi Senju Solo Exhibition

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Sundaram Tagore Singapore Presents A Hiroshi Senju Solo Exhibition

Hiroshi Senju

Hiroshi Senju is a talented Japanese-born, New York-based artist

Sundaram Tagore Singapore will present paintings by the internationally renowned artist Hiroshi Senju (b. 1958, Tokyo). Best known for his monumental Waterfalls, which are in renowned museums and prominent public spaces across the globe, this is a rare opportunity to view his artwork up close.Hiroshi Senju

The First Exhibition
This exhibition offers a compelling overview of Senju’s signature series, including monochromatic, fluorescent, multicoloured, and platinum-pigment Waterfalls. The exhibition, which shines a light on the evolution and many nuances of his Waterfall works, follows a number of high-profile projects the artist has undertaken since his last solo exhibition in Singapore in early 2021.

Over the past three years, Senju was awarded the 77th Imperial Prize and the Japan Art Academy Prize. He remains the youngest artist to be so honoured, and was commissioned to create an immersive, site-specific fluorescent Waterfall installation for the Art Institute of Chicago.Hiroshi Senju

Power In Discovery

Senju has been exploring the sublime power of nature for more than thirty years. The falls, in his view, are a unifying symbol, a powerful example of a life-giving force that people everywhere can appreciate. “The natural world is a place of refuge and a common ground we share that transcends natural, cultural and ideological boundaries,” says the artist.

Additionally, Senju created the Waterfalls on view using bespoke natural pigments produced in Japan as well as manmade pigments. His robustly physical process involves pouring pigments downward from the top of paintings mimicking the trajectory of gushing water.Hiroshi Senju

Creativity In Art

He also uses spray guns and airbrushes to create a sensation of mist. Standing before these paintings, the senses and imagination are activated, one can almost hear the rushing water and feel the dampness in the air. Their waters are emblematic of the continuous flow of life’s energy as well as the dichotomy between permanence and transformation, between movement and stillness.


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