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Stussy And Timberland Join Hands To Reinvent The World Hiker Boot

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Stussy And Timberland Join Hands To Reinvent The World Hiker Boot


Stussy says “new year, new shoes” for you

We have all often heard the saying “new year, new me”. And we have all probably said it at some point too but how often do you hear the phrase, “new year, new shoes?” Well that is exactly what Timberland and Stussy said when they decided to collaborate on their newest project, a new version of the World Hiker boot.Stussy

Yes, for the new year of 2023, Stussy has joined hands in collaboration with Timberland to give us a new year’s present in the form of a new version of the famous Timberland World Hiker Boot. We have to say, the result is an exceptionally stylish and good looking pair of hiking boots.

The Stussy and Timberland World Hiker Boot doesn’t just look good, but practical as well. Boasting a comfortable fit, they are fully functional and perfect for hiking as they offer the best possible grip while on the trails whilst also allowing your feet to breathe.Stussy

Each pair features a full GORE-TEX waterproof upper finished in premium leather and is matched with a Vibram rubber outsole. This is the perfect combination of cutting edge technology and superior yet traditional and robust styling.

Additionally, the Stussy and Timberland version of the World Hiker Boot is being offered in two distinct and stylish colorways and these are black and wheat. So whether you prefer the stealth or contemporary look, there is a color that will tickle your fancy. The boots come with two sets of additional contrasting laces as well.Hiker Boot

Furthermore, even if you are not big on hiking, you could still benefit from a pair of Stussy and Timberland world Hiker Boot. They serve as a very trendy pair of shoes that can be used in a bunch of different settings and locations to allowing you to stand out from your peers.

Stussy is available worldwide at selected chapter stores and selected Dover Street Market as well as a few Timberland locations. The boots can also be ordered online.Stussy

Visit the Official Timberland Website to find out more.


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