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Sooka & NJOI Customers Can Now Access 5 New FAST Channels From Astro

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Sooka & NJOI Customers Can Now Access 5 New FAST Channels From Astro

Sooka & NJOI

Enjoy wide range of drama, comedy and more for fee with Sooka & NJOI

All Sooka and NJOI customers can now access five new Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television (FAST) channels at no additional cost. Sooka & NJOI

More Channels, More Fun

This addition complements the existing ten FAST channels available for Sooka customers, expanding customers’ choices to include more dramas, comedies, travel shows. Subscribers can also access Astro’s very own content such as Super Spontan All Stars, Suri Hati Mr Pilot, The Rebel Princess and Perfect Partner.

Sooka is Malaysia’s only streaming app with complete sports and compelling local and Asian entertainment. The app provides a simple, no fuss experience on any connected device and is ideal for on-the-go entertainment.

Fast And Free

Meanwhile, NJOI is Malaysia’s first prepaid ‘freemium’ satellite TV service, offering a variety of exciting entertainment, sports, learning and news content. This expansion on Sooka and NJOI aims to provide users with a more diverse range of entertainment options at no additional charge.Sooka & NJOI

Created by Astro, these new FAST channels offer a mix of in-house content and international programmes, and are accessible via the NJOI Box for NJOI customers and mobile devices and Smart TVs for Sooka users.

Where To Watch

The five FAST channels by Astro are Filem Mantap (NJOI CH13), Drama Hebat (NJOI CH132), Drama Hotpot (NJOI CH133), Lawak Sentral (NJOI CH134) and Travel & Taste (NJOI CH135).

Additionally, interested customers can view 15 FAST channels for free after registering for a Sooka account. If they want more premium entertainment and sports content, they can subscribe to Sooka from just RM12.90.

For existing NJOI customers who would like to access more channels, they can purchase the NJOI Family Pack with 43 premium channels for only RM29.90 for 30 days. All subscription plans by Sooka and NJOI are contract-free and come with zero commitment.Sooka & NJOI

More information can be found on the Official NJOI Website.


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