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Solvil Et Titus X One Piece Film Red: The Everyday Watch For Everyone

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Solvil Et Titus X One Piece Film Red: The Everyday Watch For Everyone


See why this limited edition watch is for everyone even if you’re not an anime fanWatch

Swiss-Hong Kong watchmaker, Solvil Et Titus has announced their newest collaboration with the 2022 manga adaptation movie, One Piece Film Red and I am speechless.


The “Uta” Version made for the bold and those drawn to the beauty of music, if you are the main character in life, let your voice be heard with this watch

This limited edition watch was released in Singapore on 1 September 2022 and it comes in three unique and eye-catching designs, each one a perfect representation of the three main characters in the film, namely Uta, Shanks and Luffy.

I don’t need to tell just how high quality and thorough the craftsmanship on these watches are, the proof is in the pudding! Not to mention, the simple, elegant and magnetizing design of each of these three pieces of Picasso level art on your wrist mean that even if you are not a fan of one piece, this watch can still appeal to you.


The “Shanks” version, playful yet mature, made for those who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go for it and forge their own path forward

The “Uta” watch features a two-tone rose-gold and white bezel with music notes referencing Uta’s hair and angelic voice, and will be seen as a creative design that puts other bezels to shame. Her famous quote, “Luffy, don’t be a pirate anymore” engraved on the back of the watch serves as an easter egg while also pleasing fans.

Moreover, the “Shanks” watch is perhaps the most unique as it features a burgundy leather strap instead of stainless steel like the other two timepieces. It has the silhouettes of Shanks and Uta laser etched into it has a white second hand inspired by his sword as well as his quote “please don’t interfere” engraved on the back too.

Lastly, my personal favourite of the three, the “Luffy” watch, features a silhouette of his entire crew and his straw hat on the dial and on the watch case. It also has two of his quotes engraved which are “I’m gonna be the king of the pirates!” and “No! I’m on a winning streak of 183 games!” on the glass case back.


Just like the character “Luffy”, this watch tells the world you mean business. At first glance, it may look subdued but look closer and you’ll see the fire within

All of these watches will also come with a certificate, stunning watch box, tote bag and a number engraved on the back showing just how limited it is by bearing its number out of the total number of watches.

Interested in this beautiful watch?  Either order it via online pre-order purchase or join the Solvil Et Titus giveaway between 1 to 14 September and have all eyes on your wrist wherever you go.



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