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Singapore’s Crime Thriller ‘Geylang’ To Launch Exclusively On Prime Video

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Singapore’s Crime Thriller ‘Geylang’ To Launch Exclusively On Prime Video


Catch the Geylang film only on Prime Video from 2 November 2023

Video streaming service, Prime Video has announced that Geylang, the crime thriller film will be available exclusively on the streaming platform starting 2 November 2023. Set in the red-light district of GEYLANG, the film stars Mark Lee and is produced and directed by Boi Kwong. Geylang

Singapore Goes Global

Geylang is the third Singaporean film to launch exclusively on Prime Video this year following Ajoomma and The King of Musang King. Geylang is a breathless, full-throttle crime thriller set in Singapore’s infamous red-light district with a colourful ensemble of characters.

The story unfolds on the eve of election nomination day, with an aid worker, pimp, sex worker, doctor, cigarette seller and political candidate crossing paths on the neon-drenched streets of Singapore’s notorious red-light district. Inside the pulsating world of Geylang, intrigue and violence unfold in quick succession.Geylang

The Plot

Caught in-between is a foul-mouthed, mullet-sporting pimp, Fatty, who unwittingly becomes a pawn in a larger political game. As the night wears on, characters reveal themselves, all with a secret to hide and an appetite for ruthlessness.

On top of that, driven by personal desires and self-serving goals, each vies for survival on the streets of Geylang as the worlds of the seedy underbelly and corrupt political class meet in a high octane collision.

Other Titles

Geylang joins Prime Video’s growing library, including highly-acclaimed Singaporean title Ajoomma and the box office winner The King of Musang King amongst a burgeoning list of local classics, Southeast Asian titles such as the award-winning Before, Now & Then (Nana), Perfect Strangers and more.Geylang

Check out Prime Video for further details.


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