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Singapore Zoo Invites You To Go Glamping In The Wild

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Singapore Zoo Invites You To Go Glamping In The Wild

Glamping In The Wild

Get up close with the animals starting 1 April 2023

Singapore Zoo’s Glamping in the Wild programme returns from 1 April 2023. The refreshed programme features behind-the-scenes tours to thrill the heart of any animal lover looking for a meaningful respite amidst nature.

Glamping In The Wild

The Adventure Begins

The Glamping in the Wild ride begins with watching a herd of Asian Elephants during a special feeding and chit-chat session with their carers. You can even find out about all the fun personalities of each of the lovable pachyderms as well.

Glamping In The Wild

The Adventure Continues

Next, the Glamping in the wild programme lets you take a deep dive into the world of animal healthcare. This experience allows you to discover the inner workings of our Wildlife Nutrition Centre that caters to the nutritional needs of some 15,000 animals at the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Wonders home.

You can also learn how the dedicated nutrition team works hand in hand with their animal care counterparts to plan their diets. Then, check out the Wildlife Healthcare and Research Centre and enter the clinical world of veterinary experts as they keep the wild residents as fit as a fiddle.

Glamping In The Wild

The Adventure Goes Private

A private guide is also on hand to transport you to ‘Africa’ for an introduction to the Singapore Zoo’s charismatic carnivores. The experience culminates at the Splash Safari where guests can soak in the aquatic acrobatics of the zoo’s captivating Californian Sea Lion.

Singapore Zoo

Sleep With The Animals

After a hearty dinner, breathe in the evening smells of the rainforest with a relaxing stroll as the park winds down for the day. As night falls, retreat to the cosy comfort of your dome tent and let the soothing sounds of the Upper Seletar Reservoir rock you to sleep. This concludes the Glamping in the Wild experience for the day.

Wrap up Glamping in the Wild with the SIngapore Zoo’s signature Breakfast in the Wild. The tantalising array of local and international flavours are created with ingredients friendly to wildlife and the planet. Best of all you can also enjoy the meal surrounded by wildlife such as enigmatic Orangutans, an inquisitive Tamandua, boisterous Coatimundis and vibrant Macaws.

Singapore Zoo

Check out the Glamping in the Wild Website for further details and booking information.

 (Photo credits: Mandai Wildlife Group)


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