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Singapore Film Ajoomma Now Available On Prime Video

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Singapore Film Ajoomma Now Available On Prime Video


Ajoomma and more Singapore films to premiere starting 20 April 2023

Ajoomma, the latest critically-acclaimed Singapore film, has officially been launched on Prime Video today. This marks the first Singaporean film to premiere exclusively on the streaming platform which also features many other acclaimed films and series.Ajoomma

Celebrating Local Singaporean Films

To celebrate the launch of the film on Prime Video, a special screening event was held at the Asian Civilisations Museum on 12 April 2023 with the film’s lead actress, Hong Huifang, director He Shuming, producer Anthony Chen in attendance.

To inspire the next generation of filmmakers and creators, the event was attended by film school students, digital content creators, members of the media, Prime Video’s partners, Giraffe Pictures and more. The event also included a special exhibition showcase with Ajoomma’s awards and accolades on display.Ajoomma

At the event’s open panel discussion session, He Shuming, Anthony Chen, and Hong Huifang also shared about the inspiration behind the film, the challenges in filming a Singapore-Korean joint production, and their advice for future generations of local filmmakers. They also spoke about how the film’s launch on Prime Video is a great opportunity for Singapore stories to reach more audiences beyond the theatres.

Other Films

In addition to Ajoomma, the country’s first official Singapore-Korean co-production, more Singapore films from Giraffe Pictures, including Ilo Ilo, Wet Season, and Distance, will be released on Prime Video on 20 April 2023.

Ajoomma and the upcoming Singapore titles will be part of Prime Video’s growing library, which includes Southeast Asian titles such as the award-winning Before, Now & Then (Nana), Perfect Strangers and Ten Little Mistresses.Ajoomma

More information can be found on Prime Video.


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