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Sebastian Vettel Returns Behind A Red Bull Formula 1 Car At Nordschleife


Sebastian Vettel Returns Behind A Red Bull Formula 1 Car At Nordschleife


Former Red Bull driving ace, Sebastian Vettel is a multi-world champion Formula 1 driver.  Although retiring and having driven for Aston Martin, Vettel has returned to his roots somewhat, driving his championship winning car no less on one of the world’s most demanding circuits.

A Legendary Track And Driver

Nordschleife’s reputation and history in Formula 1 is well documented. Longer than 6 modern day circuits combined, it has over 70 corners and elevation similar to the height of the Eifel tower – over 300 meters (1000 ft) from the lowest to the highest point of the track.

While latest modern day F1 race took place in 2020, the German fans memory still holds the image of Sebastian Vettel celebrating 30th of his 53 Grand Prix wins with Red Bull Racing in 2013, at the Eifel Grand Prix. Now, thanks to Red Bull, Vettel brings Formula 1 back to the legendary Nürburgring.

Vettel Returns

Red Bull Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel seen during the Red Bull Formula Nuerburgring at the Nuerburgring in Germany on September 9, 2023.

Vettel, who once again sat in the cockpit of his championship-winning RB7 race car, said: “I feel like I’m in a time capsule – a lot of memories have come up once I got into the car. It’s going to be a lot of fun going on the big track and doing it in a way that I am happy with. Somehow everything fits together here today – including the fact that we are now running the car with CO2-neutral fuel.”

“Motorsport is my great passion and I want to keep the sport alive. Fuels can be produced synthetically and serve as a substitute fuel. It is important that we all become aware that we must do something. And the great thing is – you don’t feel any difference in the car, it’s just as much fun driving it on synthetic fuel.”

Formula Fun

Sebastian Vettel in a Red Bull RB 7, David Coulthard in a Red Bull RB 8 seen during the Red Bull Formula Nuerburgring at the Nuerburgring in Germany.

Vettel wasn’t the only driver in action. Driving alongside the champ during the event was current Scuderia AlphaTauri driver Yuki Tsunoda in a Honda NSX GT3 Evo, former F1 drivers David Coulthard, Gerhard Berger, Ralf Schumacher, Jos Verstappen in the Ford SuperVan 4.2, Mathias Lauda driving the Formula 1 car of his late dad Niki Lauda and many others. Yuki Tsunoda was impressed by the 20 km (13 mi) circuit on his first visit to the circuit.

“I can’t compare this track to anything else – it goes through the mountains, up and down, lots of tight sections and once you get on the grass, the wall is there. I have driven it before only on a simulator but would love to have competitive race here – it would be an unforgettable experience.”

Red Bull Formula Nürburgring featured vehicles and drivers from different generations of motorsport and variety of racing series.


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