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Say Hello To The Tommy Hilfiger X Andy Warhol Collection

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Say Hello To The Tommy Hilfiger X Andy Warhol Collection

Hilfiger X Andy

The Tommy Hilfiger X Andy Warhol Collection blends pop and style

From the time they met, Andy Warhol would be a source of inspiration for Mr. Tommy Hilfiger. To pay homage to the artistic legend, the Tommy Factory was launched in Fall ‘22, an experiential creative playground inspired by Warhol’s famed New York studio.

Paying Homage

Now the Tommy Hilfiger x Andy Warhol collection honors Montauk, channeling the ease and energy of the artist’s famed seaside retreat and it shows, with a bright and vibrant mix of colours and a contemporary style that typically is more monotonous. This collection is ideal for anyone looking to showcase a unique style.

Vibrant Colours

With a plethora of different pieces of clothing to choose from, all in bright and vibrant yellow and orange colour schemes, this collection may not appeal to everyone. However, it can definitely draw everyone’s eyes in any room. So if you like having all eyes on you, do consider the Tommy Hilfiger x Andy Warhol collection.

For Him And For Her

Style is subjective, this is why the Tommy Hilfiger x Andy Warhol is perfect for everyone, except anyone who doesn’t like colours. But let’s be honest, life without colour wouldn’t be much fun. So whether you have a more masculine or feminine style, the collection has something for you.

Less Colour, More Statement

On top of that, if you prefer something that is not as flashy and colourful but prefer to make a statement, then the the Tommy Hilfiger x Andy Warhol collection has the sketch flag items. These come in both bright colours and also in a more subtle black, or the sunset collection which also comes in classic white.

More Than Wearables

The collection also includes stylish and fun items like the lobster tote which gives you more choice. This means that if you like the collection but don’t want something you can wear and prefer something you can carry around, well, the collection did not forget about you either.

Where To get It

Get your own stylish piece from the the Tommy Hilfiger x Andy Warhol collection at the Official Tommy Hilfiger Website.


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