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Say Hello To Minimal Elegance By Giorgio Armani

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Say Hello To Minimal Elegance By Giorgio Armani

Minimal Elegance

It’s minimal but it’s elegant, this is the new gold standard for eyewear

No look is complete without a pair of killer shades, after all, nothing complements anyone and everyone’s face like a gorgeous pair of sunglasses. The latest collection from Giorgio Armani will do just that for you, ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the new definitive eyewear collection, Minimal Elegance by Giorgio Armani.

The Minimal Elegance by Giorgio Armani collection features a stunning assembly of iconic silhouettes that longtime fans of the Italian luxury house will be sure to appreciate. The eyewear arrives in inviting tones of warm and soft colours ranging from honey to tobacco and everything in between.

In terms of designs, the Minimal Elegance collection varies in shapes but they are all sophisticated and modern ensuring that they don’t just look good on you, but that these glasses also look good to you. Armani has taken this a step further and handcrafted some of these beautiful glasses using sustainable materials.

The Minimal Elegance collection is split up into three main branches, which are the Armani Icons, the sustainable collection and the extra special runaway heroes set, which is our personal favourite as well. You will see why this is in just a second but first, let’s take a look at the Armani Icons set, shall we?

The Armani Icons are a contemporary reiteration of the brand’s distinctive models that exude robust elegance with a dash of 80s retro vibes. The ever recognizable Giorgio Armani logo is laser engraved onto the temple and adds flair to the more subdued design which gives it a wider appeal.

On top of that, The Sustainable collection, features a more playful and softer fully  textured round design molded from bio-acetate. These vintage style optical masterpieces are the perfect blend of style and sustainability and can make you look good without harming the environment.

The last set in this collection is the runaway heroes set and it is by far our favourite. It offers a refreshing blend of vintage design mixed with a striking modern shape and bold colour choices. It is also the only set in this collection to feature a blue lens and being an Aquarius, I do tend to favour anything blue since it is my favourite colour.

Tempted to snatch a pair of these glasses? Visit the Official Giorgio Armani Website now and get yours today.


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