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Samsung Redefines Luxury With Bespoke Infinite Line 

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Samsung Redefines Luxury With Bespoke Infinite Line 

Bespoke Infinite Line

The Samsung Infinite Line was built for the modern homeowner

Ever wish your smart home could be smarter? Well, Samsung Electronics wants just that for you and to prove it, the brand unveiled the new Bespoke Infinite Line, which includes three freestanding products, a Wine Cellar, Fridge, and Freezer, featuring timeless design that combines refined lines with high-quality panels and finishes.Bespoke Infinite Line

Gavin Yeong, Head of Digital Appliances, Samsung Electronics Singapore, stated, “Our Bespoke line has resonated with many homeowners for its aesthetic and remarkable performance. Bespoke’s contemporary modular take on refrigeration solutions removes the need to discard or replace your fridge as your lifestyle evolves.”

“For Bespoke Infinite Line, we combined that versatility with a design that exudes luxury, refined finishing, coupled with premium materials that is sure to remain stylish for years.” He added.Bespoke Infinite Line

Bespoke Design

Moreover, with a timeless aesthetic that reflects the latest trends, the collection is built to last. Distinguished by its refined lines, the Infinite Design harmoniously blends into modern kitchens and will stand the test of time. Made to fit coherently to achieve a built-in look, the collection allows you to customise freely.

Bespoke Convenience

The items in the Samsung Bespoke Infinite Line are equipped with features that provide users the ability to store and access the cooling units under ideal conditions. The fridge also features an auto open door with a sensor on the side that automatically opens the door when touched for convenient access.

The 1-door freezer in the collection also features a dual auto ice maker that will ensure that users always have plenty of ice by automatically creating Whisky Ball Ice or Cubed Ice so you can have the perfect ice for every occasion. This just adds a touch of class to your drinks when hosting guests.Bespoke Infinite Line

Bespoke Optimisation

The Samsung Bespoke Infinite Line offers flexible storage options that allow you to store different foods under different conditions, while the wine cellar consists of a triple temperature zone with three separate temperature-controlled compartments that create an optimal condition to store different types of wine.Bespoke Infinite Line

Samsung SmartThings

Naturally, the Bespoke Infinite Line comes with several smart features via the SmartThings app for seamless and a more personalised experience at home. More information can be found on the Official Samsung Bespoke Infinite Line Website.


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