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Samsung Malaysia Reveals New Software Updates For Improved Cameras

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Samsung Malaysia Reveals New Software Updates For Improved Cameras


Updates also include the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Galaxy Watch Series 

Samsung Electronics has announced new software updates to the Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Watch series, which will serve to improve content capturing for all Galaxy users. This is a fitting addition as Samsung smartphones have always been providing top tier photography but other Samsung products leave much to be desired.Samsung

These new updates will now allow the aforementioned Galaxy products to also enjoy the full high quality photography and videography that Galaxy smartphone users have enjoyed for so long. This will let users create, capture and share their best moments in full HD.

Moreover, with this new update, the already impressive Samsung Galaxy camera paired with the latest wearable devices from the brand is now strengthened with 360 Audio Recording, a unique immersive sound to video content feature, and an upgrade to the Camera Controller that makes remotely zooming in and out easier.

The new 360 Audio Recording feature allows users to capture sound on video accurately as they hear it. Paired with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro and a Galaxy smartphone, now everyone can film like a pro and capture high-quality, realistic audio for video whenever and wherever without professional equipment.Samsung

Additionally, the 360 Audio Recording feature in the Samsung Galaxy line also leverages LE Audio, an advanced new Bluetooth audio standard. This new technology is especially useful as it allows for improved latency and battery life which means users can now enjoy the best of both worlds.

What’s more, LE Audio also broadens the spectrum of audio experiences to give users a more complex and rich sound that can be shared with others. This feature also brings binaural recording to the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, allowing users to take advantage of both the left and right mics at the same time for superior sound.

While all this is amazing, the new Camera Controller feature is the real highlight of these updates to us as. This feature will allow Samsung Galaxy smartphone users to control their smartphone camera right from their wrist, through their Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 series smartwatches.

More information can be found on the Official Samsung Website.


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